Trump Wants To End Policy That Gave Melania's Parents Citizenship

Melania Trump's parents may have used "chain migration" processes to obtain their citizenship, the same policy that President Donald Trump want to kill.

President Donald Trump has long been a vocal critic of “chain migration,” or the process of giving relatives of naturalized citizens legal status because of their family connections.

Now, his wife’s parents have just been sworn in as U.S. citizens thanks to the policy he wants to end.

Melania Trump, the former Slovenian model, was able to help her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, 73 and 71, obtain permanent residence likely through “chain migration” processes, Axios reports. Now that the couple are U.S. citizens, it’s important to note the president’s hypocrisy when it comes to immigration policies.

If he was, indeed, so adamantly opposed to allowing U.S. citizens born abroad to bring their relatives legally, why would he be OK with his wife doing the very same?

Throughout his presidency, Trump has made a point to target undocumented immigrants, whether they have a criminal record or not. But cracking down on individuals who entered the United States without a visa has not been his only priority; he’s also made it even more difficult for immigrants to come to the country legally.

One group in particular that is in danger are asylum seekers.

As part of the administration’s zero tolerance policy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions limited asylum protections for victims of gang violence and domestic abuse, making it nearly impossible for people fleeing violence to get a second chance in the United States.

In addition, Trump is also readying a proposal that would make it difficult for legal immigrants to obtain citizenship. Part of the plan would keep legal immigrants who used food stamps, the Affordable Care Act, or any other welfare program from acquiring citizenship.

During this year’s State of the Union address, Trump outlined four major pillars of his immigration policy.

"Under the current broken system, a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives," Trump told the nation, adding that part of his fourth pillar, “chain immigration” practices were coming to an end. And yet, here are his wife’s parents, gladly getting the U.S. citizenship that their son-in-law wants to virtually bring to an end within the next couple of years.

While we have always known the president was far from a fair and balanced man, one would imagine he would think twice before obliterating a policy that actually helped his own family. Now, we’re certain his shameless hypocrisy sees no boundaries.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Yves Herman

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