Polish Charity Slapped With Hefty Phone Bill - Thanks To A Stork

According to Radio Poland, EcoLogic Group received a phone bill of $2,700 and it will now have to pay the huge bill.


A Polish environmental group lost contact with a GPS tracker that it had placed on the back of a stork and ended up receiving an expensive phone bill.

The charity, EcoLogic Group, placed the tracker on the back of the migratory bird to follow its migration pattern. However, little did they know it would cost them thousands of dollars. 

The white stork reportedly travelled around six thousand kilometers and was last located in Eastern Sudan’s Blue Nile Valley. The environmental group was unable to trace the stork after that location.

The charity then revealed that someone in the African country encountered the GPS tracker on the stork and removed it. The person then took the SIM out and then placed it in a mobile phone. The unidentified person then made phone calls worth up to 20 hours.

According to Radio Poland, EcoLogic Group received a phone bill of $2,700. The charity has to now pay the huge bill.

Tracking white storks with GPS technology helps environmentalists and scientists in their research.  Tracking the birds also helps them in getting an idea of the migratory birds’ habits and migration patterns.Citizens in Germany were given the opportunity to track storks during their migratory journey after it launched a phone app that allowed them to follow the birds.

“The white stork has played a very important role in the history of research and conservation of migratory birds,” said Borja Heredia, head of the avian species team for the Convention on Migratory Species with the United Nations.

Spotlight, Banner: Pixabay, Alexas_Fotos

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