Poll Finds More Support For Trump’s Impeachment Than His Reelection

A new poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal found that most Americans want President Donald Trump out of the White House sooner rather than later.

Anti-Trump protesters gathering outside of the White House

As we approach the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, a new poll shows his support is down in the dumps.

According to Newsweek, more than 40 percent of Americans want to impeach Trump, which is higher than the percentage of Americans who said they plan to vote to reelect him in 2020.

Results from the new poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal were released Wednesday. The survey found that 70 percent of Democrats, 40 percent of independents, and 7 percent of Republicans are in favor of Congress holding impeachment hearings against the president.

However, even if impeachment never comes to fruition, Trump’s chances of reelection are slim to none, according to the poll. A mere 36 percent of people surveyed said they would probably or definitely vote for Trump against a Democratic candidate. On the other hand, 52 percent said they would probably or definitely “vote for the other party,” whomever the candidate may be.

Although there are, technically, still three more years of the Trumpocalypse left, the fact that it has taken less than a year for people to want this administration out speaks volumes about how catastrophic Trump’s presidency has been thus far.

Things are so bad that even Trump’s most staunch backers are rescinding their support for him. Only 43 percent of Republicans surveyed said they would “definitely” support Trump in 2020, but another 40 percent of Republicans were only willing to say they would “probably” support his run for reelection.

The icing on top of this anti-Trump cake is that when respondents were asked if the country was in better or worse condition than before Trump took office, only 30 percent said the nation was better off. Meanwhile, a whopping 45 percent acknowledged we are on a rapidly-sinking ship that is much worse off. 

The results of this poll may not change the fact that Trump is still occupying the White House for now, but the insight the survey provides restores hope that we will not have to suffer through eight years of this administration, and one way or another, Trump is getting the boot. 

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