Polls Show Majority Of GOP Wants Party To Unite Around Trump

Despite his constant and consistent xenophobic rhetoric, Republican and right-leaning voters believe that the party should rally around Trump.

A national Monmouth University poll suggests that the majority of Republicans and right-leaning voters want the party to unite around GOP front-runner Donald Trump, should it boil down to a brokered convention.

The poll, which was released on Wednesday and conducted via telephone from March 17-20, reached about 817 Republican and Republican-leaning voters. It comes shortly after Trump secured 58 more delegates in the Arizona caucus, putting him just 500 delegates away from winning the nomination. However, should he fail to get the 1,237 delegates (or 54 percent) he needs, Republicans believe that the party should unite to get him elected at a brokered convention.

POLITICO reports that of those that were polled, only 33 percent favored Sen. Ted Cruz, and a measly 23 percent preferred Ohio Gov. John Kasich. There were a few smaller percentages given to past contenders (Marco Rubio at 10 percent, Ben Carson at 5 percent, Mitt Romney at 4 percent, Jeb Bush at 3 percent, and Paul Ryan at 2 percent), 18 percent said that they didn’t know.

In the past, Trump has asserted his popularity by claiming that there would be riots if he didn’t win the nomination, going so far as to say that his supporters wouldn’t vote in the general election should he fail to win the delegates he needed.

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However, recent polling says that 43 percent of Trump supporters said that they would vote for whoever won the GOP nomination, while only 27 percent said that they would refuse to vote altogether should he fail to win the necessary delegates for the nomination. In fact, 7 percent said they would consider voting for a Democratic nominee.

Even more interesting, however, is that a whopping 95 percent of those that were polled heard about Trump’s confrontations with protesters at his rallies—they just can’t seem to agree on who is to blame. The majority (44 percent) place equal blame on Trump supporters and protesters, while 26 percent hold the protesters accountable and 23 percent point the finger at supporters.

These numbers are especially scary considering the recent rhetoric that Trump, as well as his heaviest competitor Cruz, has been spewing regarding the recent terrorist attack on Brussels. However, it's important to note that more than 50 percent of those that were polled want someone other than Trump — it's just that no one can agree on who, which is a bad sign.

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