Pope Francis Loses His Cool In Public For The First Time

This could be the first time ever in nearly three years the Pontiff was seen lashing out at someone in public. So, what caused Pope Francis to lose his temper?

Pope Francis, who doesn’t hesitate from taking selfies with his admirers, was recently filmed lashing out at some people in Mexico.

A video has emerged showing losing his cool in public after some members of the faithful tried to touch his robe.

The pope was his usual self in the beginning, smiling and waving at an enthusiastic crowd in Morelia when, as he reached down to kiss a disabled girl, someone tried to pull at his robe.

His security detail immediately sprang into action, scrambling to help the 79-year-old to his feet.

“Eso no se hace!” — “You don’t do that!” he said, according to the Associated Press while Sky News quotes him as saying: "Don't be selfish, don't be selfish."

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters

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