Portland Musician Admits Sexually Assaulting A Woman In Facebook Post

"I realize Facebook may be not the ideal forum, but I am trying to inform as many people as possible,"said Joel Magid. "I recently sexually assaulted someone."

Portland musician Joel Magid set off a storm of reactions after admitting on social media that he “sexually assaulted someone.”

Magid wrote in a public Facebook post, "I've done something reprehensible that I need to own up to."

He then went on to detail the event:


Magid is part of the Portland local music scene.

Though several Facebook users commended the singer for coming forward and apologizing, many refused to buy his apology.

"This is reprehensible and inexcusable," wrote Theo Craig, a host at XRAY.FM. "You need to admit that this wasn't the first time."

"You need to admit that you've dragged at least one past victim's name and reputation through the mud," he went on, "that you pitted a lot of people against a friend who was doing her best to stand up for a friend and protect others in our community from you."

"The Sex Crimes Unit is aware of the post," wrote Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau in an email regarding Magid. "At this point, no victim has come forward to file a report with police."

Magid is known around town for his albums "Pyramids" and Hyenas," but not much is known about him outside the local music setting.

"Despite how it may seem, Joel Magid and his music did not spontaneously explode into existence. The Portland, Oregon, recluse has in fact has been locked away in the basement writing and recording what might be the most intriguing rock n roll songs you’ve ever heard," starts the description on his Facebook page.

The post goes on to explain the musician started off in punk rock bands and "for the last decade he’s been transparently obsessed with 1960s rock 'n' roll, girl groups, garage rock and even the fashion of the era."

The incident may bring him more fame than his music ever did.





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