Portland Police Use Pepper Spray To Disperse City Hall Protesters

The protest, which started off peacefully, soon turned violent after police claimed some sort of “projectiles” were thrown at officers.

An anti-police brutality protest in Portland, Oregon, turned violent as the police used pepper spray to disperse demonstrators.

Activists from Don’t Shoot Portland and Black Lives Matter gathered at City Hall to demonstrate against a new contract that they say lacks police accountability.

According to the Portland City Auditor Independent Police Review, which also opposed the contract,  “The provision which allows officers to view body camera recordings prior to writing a report is problematic; police reports are meant to reflect the PPA member’s own recollection of events.”

"People need to vocalize their opposition," Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch, told Oregon Live. He added he had "never seen anything where the City Council shut out their entire community,” of the protest.

Protesters camped outside of City Hall to wait through the night. The demonstration took off peacefully.

However, the situation turned violent after the police used force to disperse protesters, in response to “projectiles” that were allegedly thrown at officers.

The police also used pepper spray to push some demonstrators out of the City Hall building.

"I regret it ever got to that point," said Commissioner Nick Fish, who supported the police contract. "We have to find a way to have these kinds of charged discussions and debates without having disruptions to our building and to our ability to conduct the people's business."

Despite the disruption, the contract was approved.

At least 10 people were arrested toward the end of the protest.

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