Quick-Thinking Postal Worker Rescues Seasonal Gifts From Burning Truck

A postal worker and a Good Samaritan passerby became holiday saviors as they rescued Christmas gifts from a burning mail truck.

The quick-thinking postal worker pulled over her mail truck right on time when she realized it was on fire. She jumped out and started removing the gift packages in the vehicle. A Good Samaritan passerby couldn't resist and joined her in her ordeal.

The lady was hailed as a holiday savior by the fire department for her bravery.

“If it wasn’t for her quick thinking to pull right over and remove the parcels, it could have been tough,” Wake Forest Fire Battalion Chief, Ed Barrett said. 

 “She saved a lot of people’s possessions for Christmas. We did the easy thing. Pulled up and put it out. She did the bulk of the work,” he continued.

An eyewitness tweeted a short video, in which the courageous lady and passerby can be seen removing items from the truck that caught fire.



“We saw the mail carrier lady and a local neighbor helping take all of the Amazon packages out of the back while the truck was on burning immensely,” commented eyewitness Dominic Manzo.

"The woman was obviously very concerned about the packages. She did a heroic job of trying to save the packages first, especially at this holiday season," said another eyewitness, Rob Harper.

Some of the holiday gifts were damaged by the blaze but most were saved, the damaged packages were wet but not burnt. The postal service said that if any of the packages was damaged, they will be replaced and redelivered this week.

"Fortunately our carrier was not injured and only a small amount of packages got wet due to firefighters' efforts to save the vehicle. Those packages will be returned to the shipper today for repackaging and delivered this week. We are grateful for the quick response of the fire department," said Philip Bogenberger, a spokesman for the US Postal Service.

Residents have set up a GoFundMe page to thank the unidentified mail carrier for her efforts.

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