Powerful Clinton Ad Highlights Trump’s Dangerous Effect On Children

An evocative new campaign ad by Hillary Clinton was posted on social media, which shows how Donald Trump’s rhetoric is affecting children.

In the waning moments of what has been a arduous and stressful campaign, Hillary Clinton is making a powerful pitch to voters by showing how dangerous Donald Trump is for America.

In a new political ad posted on Facebook with the caption, “This is the Trump effect,” the Clinton campaign attempts to leverage the one constituency that is virtually immune to partisan politics: children.

The ad, which runs just over a minute, showcases the effect Trump’s rhetoric has had on children, who have no say in which candidate gets elected.

The ad begins by showing a Latino teenager who says that since Trump began running for president he’s felt harassed for being Hispanic.  

While his words are displayed in on-screen text, audio from the Republican presidential candidate’s much-quoted speech in which he referred to Mexicans as rapists, is played over the video.

The ad next shows a boy who speaks about being bullied because he’s Muslim, which is played along with Trump’s unprecedented announcement to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

“They’ve been calling me a terrorist, in my school,” the boy is heard saying. “It hurts you know.”

A boy riding a bike says, “The stuff that Donald Trump has said has made it okay for these kids to say these prejudiced, very racist sometimes, comments.”

But what a girl says next is probably the most powerful part of the ad.

“There are no consequences anymore.”

What’s most effective about the ad is its simplicity. It clearly juxtaposes Trump’s offensive rhetoric with children explaining what it means to them and what they face because of it.

A scene from HIllary Clinton's ad, donald trump rhetoric

Earlier during the campaign season, sixth grade Utah teacher, Lily Eskelsen García, said she liked to use the presidential election as part of her civics lesson every four years.

She would ask her students to watch the presidential debates and interview their parents about the candidates.

But this year she couldn’t.

“I’m not so sure I’d really want my kids to watch this debate,” Eskelsen García told the Huffington Post. “It’s really kind of disturbing what they’re hearing out there.”

In fact, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Trump’s rhetoric has contributed to anxiety among some children.

The report, titled, The Trump Effect, states that that fear and anxiety among children of color has inflamed racial and ethnic tensions in the classroom.

Teachers have noted an increase in bullying, harassment, and intimidation of students whose races, religions or nationalities have been the verbal targets of candidates on the campaign trail.

It’s clear that with this ad the Clinton campaign is trying to reach a specific demographic: mothers.

Clinton has bet the last week of the campaign on the idea that the vote of women will be the deciding factor in this election.

The treatment of women became such a central issue in this campaign given Trump’s accusations among them.

Time will tell whether the strategy will work or not, but the ad certainly hits home. 

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