Prankster Arrested After Crashing Theresa May's Speech

As United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May addressed conservative delegates in a convention for the conservative party, a TV prankster handed her a fake document given to departing employees.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May was unpleasantly surprised with a “departing gift” from a prankster during her speech to a recent conservative party gathering. Now, the footage is going viral.

As she addressed the conservative gathering, TV prankster Simon Brodkin, also known as his character, Lee Nelson, handed May a P45. The document is a tax form usually handed over to a departing employee. When investigated closely, The Independent reports, the fake document said that the “reason for termination” was that May was “neither strong nor stable.”

After the prankster handed her the document, which she took from him, he told police that “Boris told me to do it. He's left me in the lurch,” referring to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson.

Johnson's recent comments prompted some people to speculate he may be after May’s job.

After the incident, security escorted Brodkin out of the hall, and later, he was arrested.

Following the prank, May was forced to re-read her last line. When asked about the P45 document, she jokingly said she would hand it over to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader.

Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Superintendent John O’Hare said Brodkin was arrested “to prevent a breach of the peace and was released a short time later."

While May is disliked for her support of Brexit, Johnson is also being heavily criticized for recent comments regarding Libya.

According to The Independent, Johnson told delegates at the Tory conference that Sirte, Libya, could be turned into the new Dubai.

“The only thing they’ve got to do is clear the dead bodies,” he said.

As a result, many people are calling for Johnson’s resignation.

As May seems to be losing her popularity among Britons, it’s clear that debauchery is a good way to address the issues many UK residents have with their prime minister.

That sentiment was clear on social media, where many people showed support for Brodkin's actions.

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