People Save Migrants From Abusive Rant In Social Experiment

Notorious YouTube pranksters have come up with a social experiment to see what the public really thinks about asylum seekers.

British beachgoers were stunned when a dinghy full of migrants washed up on shore — but not so much that they could not defend the newcomers from one man’s xenophobic abuse.

A video clip shows two men paddling towards the beach filled with unconcerned sunbathers in an inflatable rubber boat. The beachgoers are, understandably, quite surprised to find asylum seekers appearing out of nowhere but things take a turn for the worse when a man gets up and confronts the new arrivals at the water’s edge.

When the two men ask if they’ve reached England, the man replies, “No, no, no this is Japan mate. Did you not hear about the Brexit? Hey, what are you doing, turn around. Go back, go back! Refugees are not allowed in here!”

“You’re not allowed in England. Foreigners out! They’re going to start taking my dole money!” he added before trying to push the two asylum seekers back into the ocean.

Social Experiment

However, help arrived for the two men as other people intervened. Some tried to stop the man from abusing the two while others beckoned them to come ashore.

“They are human beings! God created them and you,” said one person while the other said, “What are you doing? Leave them alone you heartless p****.”

Eventually the cameramen ran to intervene when the angry man started grappling with some of the bystanders. He then revealed to the public the migrants and the angry men were both actors and the whole incident was just a social experiment by YouTube’s Trollstation to test the public’s reaction over refugees.


Tensions have run high since Britain exited from the European Union resulting in “unprecedented” racism and hatred across England and Wales.

David Isaac, the chairman for The Equalities and Human Rights Commission said Brexit had harmed race relations so much so that people have started legitimizing their negative feelings about minorities after the Brexit referendum results.

However, Tory MP Philip Davies has waved away this argument claiming “uncontrolled migration” was the cause of the rise in racism in the United Kingdom.

Banner credit: YouTube, Trollstation

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