Preacher Claims Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Fiasco Was God’s Work

A conservative preacher who supports President Donald Trump used absurd rationale to justify the infamous “Access Hollywood” leaked footage.

It is pretty clear that supporters of President Donald Trump live in an alternate universe, along with the POTUS himself.

Joining them in their state of delusion is right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau who determined that the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tapes, in which Trump brags about sexually assaulting women, was God’s way of “humbling” him in preparation for becoming president.

According to Right Wing Watch, Wallnau released a pro-Trump book titled "God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling" less than a week before the tapes were made public. Ironically, he found a way to manipulate the disastrous situation to seem acceptable.

“Five days out and the 'Access Hollywood' recording comes to me. And I thought, ‘This is so embarrassing, because I am now going to totally look like a false prophet,’” Wallnau said while speaking to staff members of Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network and “The 700 Club.”

Instead of admitting that his support of the then-presidential candidate was a mistake and denouncing his antics, Wallnau decided to rationalize the whole ordeal to work in his favor.

“The only reason this could happen is because God allowed it because God is actually letting this man experience humbling,” Wallnau said. “Because he really didn’t have anything to think of repenting for before, now he’s got something.”

That excuse simply doesn’t fly — not only is it absurd, but as we all saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears, Trump showed absolutely no remorse or humility after being ousted in the tapes.

Trump downplayed his foul and disgusting language as “locker room talk.” He also tried to take the heat off of himself and shame his opponent, Hillary Clinton, by comparing his own sexist behaviors to former president Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs.

He took no real accountability for what he said in the tapes. So, in what way was he “humbled?”

“Why would God humble anyone?” Wallnau continued. “He would only humble them before they’re about to get promoted. I said, ‘I’m more convinced than ever that God has got His hand on him even though, statistically, it’s impossible. By the way, he’ll know it was the hand of God that did it because there is no way he can get elected unless God does it.'”

Well sure, if by “God” you actually mean a large collective of bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, angry white people, then yes, Wallnau's assessment is correct.

Let’s face it, this evangelical preacher — and others like him  — have rallied behind Trump simply to further their own religious interests, including outlawing abortions, reversing same sex marriage rights, blocking gender neutral bathrooms, and protecting Christianity’s dominant influence over American culture by demonizing Islam. 

In the famous words of President Trump: "Sad!" 

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