Preschool Director Warns 4-Year-Olds She Would Cut Off Their Fingers

“She pulled out a knife and put it in his hand and said she'd cut his fingers off if he continued to misbehave," the father of one of the children said.



A former preschool director reportedly threatened to cut off two 4-year-old children’s fingers off with a steak knife in order to curb their unruly behavior.

Adetokunbo O. Akinnaso, 64, the former director of Dawn to Dusk Christian Childcare and Learning Center in Plainfield, attempted to “discipline” two toddlers on Feb. 28 by employing this brutal method.

According to authorities and a report by the Department of Children and Families Office of Licensing, the two children were apparently misbehaving. It was then that Akinnaso took out a steak knife and told the children she would chop off their fingers and throw them in the trash if they kept up their unruly behavior.

The children were not injured.

The appalling abuse was discovered in March when an investigator from the Department of Children and Families contacted the father of one of the boys to say his son, Elijah, along with another child, was threatened at the daycare.

The father, Raymond Moss said his son was left “traumatized” by the episode.

“She pulled out a knife and put it in his hand and said she'd cut his fingers off if he continued to misbehave," Moss told in June, adding that at first he had hoped it was just a letter opener rather than a knife.

However, it was definitely a knife.

“As soon as I found out I left my job and picked my son up,” Moss told

Akinnaso was immediately removed from her job and has now pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree child abuse in Superior Court in Union County. Prosecutors recommend she be given probation but the duration will be decided by the judge. As part of her plea deal, Akinnaso has also agreed to not have contact with the victims or their families and will not be allowed to seek a job where she would have to work with children, Mark Spivey from the prosecutor’s office said.

Moss is stunned that Akinnaso’s punishment will only involve a probation since she threatened the two children with a weapon. He is also questioning why the woman is not facing any threat or weapon charges but the prosecution has told him they could only file charges they could prove.

The incredulous father said his son was usually a “bundle of joy” but now was unable to talk about what happened to him.

“As soon as we sit him down and try to have these conversations, he goes to another place,” Moss stated.

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