53% Of US Military Officers Do Not Like Trump

A majority of American military officers have an unfavorable view of President Donald Trump.

It seems President Donald Trump is bombing out of the US military’s approval ratings.

The Military Times surveyed 1,131 active-duty troops and found that 53 percent of military officers disapprove of Trump, while only 30 percent see the president in a positive light.

If divided into gender and race, women and minorities in the military also have a low opinion of the president.

Trump’s approval ratings also vary according to different military branches.

About 46.3 percent Army officers support Trump. Naval officers have only a 39.5 percent while the Air Force has 38.1 percent approval rating of Trump.

However, a strong majority of Marines (58.9 percent) is actually in favor of Trump. The high level of support may be credited to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who is a retired Marine general and has an 84 percent favorability rating among US troops. Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, also a retired Marine general, holds a 59 percent approval rating.

The poll was conducted between Sept. 7 and 25 before the Niger ambush and its subsequent uproar, so opinions may have changed since then.

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Banner/Thumbnail credit: Reuters, Yuri Gripas

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