Trump Says 'Our Country Is Being Stolen' Due To Weak Border Laws

The president also suggested the Congress must use a “nuclear option” if necessary to pass stricter border legislation.

President Donald Trump has said “our country is being stolen” due to “massive inflow of drugs and people.”

In a series of frustrated tweets, the commander-in-chief blamed "weak Democratic" border laws for undocumented immigration.



The president also suggested Congress must use “nuclear option” — using a Senate stunt to lower the threshold to break an opposition from 60 votes to 51, weakening the power of the minority party — if necessary to pass stricter border legislation.

Trump's latest outburst seems to be coming from the insufficient border wall funding. The Mexico border wall was his chief campaign promise. In another series of tweets, he again called for his dear border wall.



Previously, Trump’s Easter wish included woes for undocumented immigrants all over America as he declared “NO MORE DACA DEAL” and threatened to pull out of NAFTA. In this series of tweets, he again blamed the Democrats for the DACA deal being dead because “they didn’t act or care.”

He took a little break to fire shots at the FBI and the Department of Justice, proclaim he is a victim of “fake news” propaganda and hit his latest favorite target, Amazon. However, he soon returned to the topic of border legislation to literally shout at Congress to act.



He claimed Democrats allow “open borders, drugs and crime.”

The series of enraged tweets allegedly came as allies, many associated with Fox News, told Trump that his voting base believes he is softening on the issue of immigration. Trump, in the absence of many senior level aides, allegedly sought counsel of these people whom he believes speaks for the voters who elected him as president, for the solution of many imperative matters, including immigration and DACA deal.

The message reflects Trump’s continual frustrated attempts to get his wall funded. He previously threatened to veto the omnibus spending bill, which would have resulted in a government shutdown, because it did not have enough funding for his wall. He also tried to re-allocate military budget to fund his wall, which he hailed as matter of national security.

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