Too Little, Too Late: Trump Finally Acknowledges Portland Stabbing

The POTUS has finally acknowledged the Portland attack – more than two days after it took place and that too after tweeting about everything else under the sun.

President Donald Trump uses Twitter to rant about everything – be it “crooked Hillary”, the “fake news” or all the supposed injustices done to him and his cabinet members.

However,  interestingly, he had no time to write even a few words for the Portland attack victims, Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, until more than two days after the incident.

The two men were brutally murdered while trying to stand up against racial abuse on a commuter train. While the world is hailing the duo as heroes for protecting two young girls, one of whom is Muslim and the other black, Trump who had just returned from his first international trip as president, took to Twitter to post about almost everything but the attack.

In the meanwhile social media users, and “60 Minutes” host Dan Rather, took to Facebook to call out Trump.



Finally, after receiving a lot of backlash for his coward act, the president posted a tweet acknowledging the incident, but that too from his official account, not the one he usually uses for most of his tweets. Also, he failed to mention that the incident could be a hate crime and that the attacker was a known white supremacist.


Soon Vice President Mike Pence also jumped on the bandwagon and put in his two bits.


Here’s what Twitter users had to say to President Trump. Some even demanded he tweet the same from his personal account which has a much larger follower base, most of whom are alt-right Trump supporters.






Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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