Can You Guess Which Presidential Candidate Said These Famous Lines?

Nearly all Republican and Democratic presidential candidates uttered the most outrageous and memorable statements over the past year.

As unpredictable and bizarre as this year’s elections are, the one thing that has kept voters interested in the entire process is entertainment provided by all presidential candidates.

In fact, 2016’s election campaigns, be it Republican or Democratic, could be used as a plot for a blockbuster comedy movie.

Never before did a White House hopeful say “please clap” to his (obviously) bored audience. Never did a candidate ask his rivals to attack him during a live presidential debate.

And never before (and hopefully never again) did a Republican front-runner discuss the size of his private parts on national television.

It has been surreal, and even tragic at times, for our brain cells, but certainly memorable. The absurdity of candidates has certainly left an indelible mark on U.S. politics.

But do you remember which candidate said what to whom? Take our quiz in the video above.

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