Saudi King's Brother Allegedly 'Considers Exile' After Yemen Comments

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the brother of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, is reportedly not going back to the kingdom after distancing himself from his family over Yemen.


After criticizing the Saudi-led coalition's war in Yemen, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the brother of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, is allegedly considering self-exile.

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has killed thousands of people and left nearly 22 million others in need of humanitarian aid. In the month of August alone, over 60 children were killed in two separate attacks and several others were left wounded.

Human rights organizations have widely criticized Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aka MBS,  the de-facto leader of the ultraconservative Gulf kingdom, over the casualties of Yemen war, since it started in March 2015.

Now, his paternal uncle is condemning his actions as well.

Middle East Eye reports, while addressing Yemeni protesters outside his London home earlier, bin Abdulaziz blamed “the king and the crown prince, and others in the state.”

The publication also stated in its report, in light of the remarks, bin Abdulaziz is considering staying in the United Kingdom.

The rift in the Saudi royal family is not a new development. Last year, MBS imprisoned several members of his family, along with businessmen and politicians, as part of what was touted to be an anti-corruption drive but turned out to be ploy to consolidate the crown prince's powers.

Bin Abdulaziz was not one of detainees, but he has been one of MBS' fiercest opponents since his appointment as the crown prince. He was one of three members of the Allegiance Council to oppose the removal of bin Salman’s predecessor, Muhammad bin Nayef.

And considering the extent of MBS' crackdown on dissent and opposition, within or outside the royal family, it is understandable why bin Abdulaziz would choose not to return to Saudi Arabia.

The official Saudi Press Agency issued a statement, refuting Middle East Eye's report, saying there is no discord among the royal family. The publication, however, claimed bin Abdulaziz stood by his initial remarks.

"He said the report by state controlled SPA was fake and that the words quoted by the agency were not his," the website reported.



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