Private Universities in Texas Say No To Guns On Campus

“Private universities have made a statement that handguns do not belong in campus buildings. I agree,” the president of UT said. “We don’t have a choice.”

More than 20 private colleges in Texas have decided to keep guns banned from their campuses on the heels of a recent law that allows them in public universities.

Private schools can follow suit if they were interested in relaxing gun laws at school, but none of them have decided to change their policies so far. Universities like Baylor, Texas Christian and Southern Methodist have all declined to have firearms on campus.

Ken Starr, president of Baylor University and a former judge and prosecutor, gave his opinion on allowing guns in schools calling it “a very unwise public policy.”

Previous law banned students and staff from carrying guns inside universities; however, all of that changed when a bill allowing handguns in classes was approved last year.

State Sen. Brian Birdwell, the author of the law, said that although he had to protect the public’s “God-give” right of self defense, he also has to respect private property rights which can ban guns.

Private universities are “no different than Starbucks selling coffee. What they are selling is different,” Birdwell said. “Now it’s up to the marketplace of free enterprise ... to make a market decision.”



Last year, two pro-gun groups held a fake shootout outside the University of Texas, Austin to promote the notion that armed civilians are the answer to shootings by terrorists. Murdoch Pizgatti, founder of both the groups, wrote in a Facebook post: "There are thousands of gun-free zones still out there that need to be banned."

Many university professors oppose moves to bring guns into classrooms, claiming it is nearly impossible to enforce — and with good reasons.

It would be very difficult for police officers who arrive on the scene to differentiate between a terrorist and an armed civilian defending his life. Besides that, the new rule has given no provisions or guidelines about what conditions are appropriate for the use of firearm. How do you control a crime scene when everyone possess a weapon and thinks he has a right to use it as he pleases?

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