Racist Pro-Trump Leaflet Targets The Muslim Community In Minnesota

“Your forms of politics has led your country to a shithole state, but this is America and we will not stand for you muslims[sic] bastard,” read the letter.

The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that monitors and combats Islamophobia, recently shared a photo of a hateful pro-Trump leaflet targeting the Muslim community in Minnesota. The letter is being seen as a potential hate-crime and a threat to the American-Muslims living in the area.

The letter, which features President Donald Trump’s name along with his campaign slogan “Make American Great Again,” informed the “immigrant-s***s” the “neighborhood infidels” will not tolerate any “infiltration” from “sharia loving Muslims.”

Sharia is an Islamic law subjected to the ways of the Quran and Hadith (the teachings of the Prophet). However, with the rise in terrorism in the name of a radical Islam, sharia law has sparked a global debate.

The disturbing letter also called Muslims “barbaric,” “bastards” and even referred to them as “shithole,” mimicking the president’s alleged reference to Haiti and African nations.

“Clearly, your forms of politics has led your country to a shithole state, but this is America and we will not stand for you muslims[sic] bastard,” read the leaflet.

The letter not only threatened the Muslims of Minnesota, it also said they were being observed and that the author would “take necessary steps” to defend their country

The leaflet seemed to be in line with the controversial Facebook post by Minnesota Republicans Cindy Pugh, Kathy Lohmer and Dave Sina, who recently warned of Muslims “infiltrating” their precinct caucuses.

The post sparked a widespread outrage and has since been deleted, but it clearly had an affect on some bigots.

The now-deleted post was reportedly created by Sina, the chairman of Fourth Congressional District GOP, who claimed a friend of his had attended a caucus training session held at a mosque by the Muslim American Society (MAS), according to Star Tribune.

The accusations were proved false when a Facebook Live video recording of the training session came to light. It clearly showed the Muslims were not conspiring against the U.S. but were attending a workshop that demonstrated how the caucuses work and how to get chosen to be a delegate at the parties’ state conventions. It also taught how important it was for the American-Muslim community to get involved in the politics.

Responding to the post, Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan said Muslim-Americans are welcome to caucus with the Republicans and that “there is no religious test to participate in the Republican caucus.”

Sina’s message, however, was already grasped by the public. While most of them stood with the American-Muslim community, it is also important to realize the amount of damage it caused.

Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Reuters/Stephanie Keith

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