'Go Back To Asia': Racist Trump Supporter Hurls Insults At Asian Woman

“Trump, God bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys, f**k you, f**k you,” the bigot yelled at the woman.



A racist man, who appears to be a supporter of President Donald Trump, approached an Asian woman on a Los Angeles metro and asked her if she was American and could speak in English.

The woman, who was later identified as Jeanne Heo, said yes. He then asked her if she was Asian before spewing racist, hateful insults at her.

“When waiting outside he approaches me again and asks where my genetics are from, if I’m from Korea,” she wrote on Twitter.

Heo then started filming the man, who was abusing her for no apparent reason, after he inquired her about her ethnic background.

In the video, he can be seen yelling, “Go back to Asia,” while making rude gestures at her.

“Trump, God bless Trump, we’re going to nuke you guys, f**k you, f**k you,” he screamed.

He then went on to racially profile the woman.

“You’re ugly and you have a flat face and a ugly nose, and guess what, you guys have small dicks,” he said before walking off.

Such incidents of racial intolerance and hate have been on the rise in Trump’s America, where most perpetrators have turned out to be the president’s supporters.

Last year, a racist Trump supporter harassed a Muslim family at the Pearl South Padre Hotel in Texas, “Donald Trump, motherf******!  Come f*** with Donald Trump! Donald Trump will stop you!” he yelled while referring to ISIS repeatedly. 

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Joe Penney 

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