SC Lawmaker Calls Obama A 'Muslim Bastard' And Uses The N-Word

The man has been on the committee responsible for allocating state transportation money for Charleston County projects for years.

A South Carolina lawmaker recently uploaded Islamophobic and racist remarks on Facebook and now local lawmakers are vowing to remove him from the state-appointed board.

Bobby Miller, a Charleston real estate developer, and a member of the transportation committee, allegedly uploaded a recent image of former President Barack Obama’s new portrait, painted by artist Kehinde Wiley, calling Obama  “nothin but a Chicago street n**ger.”

In the racist post on Facebook, Miller further referenced Obama as a Muslim bastard and a Democrat fraud, the post has since been deleted and the lawmaker claims his account was hacked, however, if that was the case, many are wondering how the post mysteriously disappeared.

Miller is an active Trump supporter who has been sharing posts that have quotes like "Trump will change America."

However, for Obama, Trump's predecessor, he espouses rather bigoted views.

As per Sen. Marlon Kimpson, D-Charleston, Miller “will be fired” from the Charleston Transportation Committee over the post. He compared Miller with the members of KKK.


Miller is on the committee that allocates state transportation the Charleston County projects for years, but after receiving criticism for his anti-Obama post, the self-proclaimed Trump supporter claims he isn’t an active member anymore and hasn’t attended a committee meeting since last August.

“I’m completely out of politics,” he said.

However, other State representatives also want Miller to quit.

State Rep. Peter McCoy, R-Charleston, said Miller should be removed from the Charleston County Republican Party’s executive committee.


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