Racist Probation Officer Filmed Calling Contractors ‘F***ing Mexicans’

“We’re just trying to clean up her street. It’s completely demoralizing," one of the unnamed targets of the racist rampage said of the incident.

In case there was any doubt that racists are lurking everywhere, a Florida probation officer has been caught on tape spewing racially-charged insults at Latino contractors.

Tracy Keen, a probation officer in DeSoto County, was filmed yelling at contractors working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Her rant was sparked because the contractors’ truck was parked on a narrow road while they were working to clean up debris, and Keen could not pass by with her vehicle, Raw Story reports.

“She proceeded to call us names like f***ing Mexicans,” recounted the man who filmed the video and did not want to be identified. “We’re just trying to clean up her street. It’s completely demoralizing.”

The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed Keen’s identity and said they’ve initiated an investigation into her conduct.

“The actions of this individual are distasteful and uncalled for,” the department said. “Her behavior is in no way a reflection of the hundreds of probation officers around the state that work diligently to serve and protect Florida’s communities every day. The Department is thoroughly reviewing this incident and will determine the appropriate action.”

Scott Weinberg, an attorney with Brown Suarez Rios & Weinberg in Punta Gorda, said he believes this is grounds for Keen to be terminated. The man who filmed the tirade agrees.

“She could do something to someone that doesn't deserve it just because she’s racist towards them,” he said.

The racist vitriol at the core of Keen's rampage is nothing new, but in President Donald Trump's America, it is rampant. Before there was a neo-Nazi sympathizer in the White House, these atrocious outbursts were not nearly as frequent.

Now, racists no longer have any shame. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, MSgt Kelly Ogden

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