Professor Told White Students Not To Share Notes With ‘The Blacks’

LaDelta Community College instructor told white students not to share highlighted exam notes with “the blacks or [anyone] associated with the blacks.”

It's an everyday struggle being black in America, especially in the South.

Four black nursing school students found themselves tangled in a web of discrimination at the LaDelta Community College in Louisiana after a teacher instructed their white classmates to not share exam notes with "the blacks."

According to Raw Story, instructor Leslie McMurray highlighted parts of a white student's notes that would surely be on the upcoming final exam. The problem was that she didn't want the white students sharing copies of the highlighted notes with "the blacks or [anyone] associated with the blacks.”

So, basically, the professor wanted to leave them out to dry, as if every system set up in America isn't already tailored for black people to fail.

What's more disappointing about these students' ordeal is that LaDelta Community College claims to have conducted a thorough investigation concerning this incident, yet they found “no evidence of racial bias.” Even after the black students found out this information through a white student who had received the notes and told them about it. That student also confirmed the account in an interview with local news station KNOE, according to Raw Story.

Additionally, an audio clip was recorded in McMurray’s classroom, and she can be heard defending her discriminatory actions on the notes. In the recording, she denied that race played a role in how the notes were distributed, then she asked students in the class who didn't get a copy of the highlighted notes to raise their hands.

Only after she got called out did she make an attempt to give the other students copies of the notes, and guess which students raised their hands? A student in the recording can be heard saying that the black students are the only ones getting the notes after everyone else did.

What other proof of racial bias does LaDelta Community College need? There must be a lot of McMurrays walking the halls of that institution.

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