Professor Was Possibly Alive For Days After Allegedly Pushed Off Cliff

A professor at Pennsylvania State University fell off of a 80-foot cliff near the college and reportedly may have been alive two days after the incident.

It was only two weeks ago when a professor was found dead at the bottom of a cliff, and now recent news broke that he was allegedly alive days after the fall.

Ronald Bettig, 56, was pushed and fell off of a cliff at Blackhawk Quarry near Pennsylvania State University, and a police investigator is now saying the school's associate professor may have been alive for up to two days after the fall, according to CBS News.

Penn State University

George Ishler, 39, allegedly pushed the professor off of the cliff after Danielle Geier, 32, told him that she wanted Bettig killed because he criticized the way she was raising her son and thought they would inherit money from Bettig.

Geier and Ishler also reportedly wanted to murder Bettig because troopers said they would benefit from his death, AOL reports.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Brian Wakefield, said that the professor was still alive, yet possibly unconscious and immobile during the time that Geir and Ishler planted his belongings and car, hoping Bettig's death appeared as if he suffered an accidental fall. 

Bettig's cause of death was due to blunt force trauma due to a fall, according to the medical examiner. 

Although reports stated that he fell, police say that he was pushed off of the cliff. 

Both of the murder suspects have been charged with first-and third-degree murder and will be on trial for the charges.

It’s tragic that police officials were unable to find Bettig immediately after the fall, as he might have survived the incident instead of succumbing to his injuries days later. 

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