Property Manager Won’t Allow Tenants To Board Windows Ahead Of Irma

Without any reason, the property management company for Colony Park apartments in Florida won’t allow its tenants to protect their units from Hurricane Irma.

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With the threat of Hurricane Irma looming over Florida, tenants of Colony Park apartment complex are infuriated after learning that they are not permitted to shutter their windows.

According to Raw Story, property management company, Services Taylor Made Inc., sent a letter to its Colony Park renters informing them that they are not allowed to board up their units' windows.

“Understand that while we empathize with your need to protect your personal property, boarding up your residence is NOT something you are allowed to do,” the letter states.

However, the letter does not offer any rationale for why the residents aren’t allowed to use this strategy to protect their homes from hurricane damage.

Making matters worse, the complex has window shutters on the property for this exact purpose locked inside maintenance closets, but Services Taylor Made will not make them available to tenants during Hurricane Irma.

“Previous years we’ve had property managers that have allowed the maintenance men to open up the doors and the tenants would go in and get the shutters that are underneath the steps over here and they supplied the bolts,” Colony Park resident Del Vargas reportedly told WPTV. “When I asked [a company representative] today, she said, ‘Corporate said no, no shutters.’ I’m like wait a second, the governor said make a plan, get it done.”

Other tenants are also outraged by the company’s apathetic decision.

“It’s humans, people living here,” resident Genesis Aldorado reportedly said.

Carbonated.TV reached out for a request for comment, but Services Taylor Made did not respond. 

This is beyond cruel. Furthermore, it's baffling that the complex would have shutters on-site, yet withhold them from residents when a Category 5 storm is on its way.

Aside from the fact that people's lives are at stake, Services Taylor Made should, at the very least, want to protect its own property.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, NOAA 

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