Protester Heckles Joe Biden Over Son’s Death

A protester assumed it would really help get his point across if he taunted the vice president over the death of his son, Beau Biden.

Joe Biden faced an interruption during his speech on Saturday, when a protester decided to bring up the death of his son to get his point across.

The vice president was speaking at the California State Democrats Convention, when a man stood up and shouted that Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer last year, was actually killed due to radiation from his cell phone.

The conspiracy theorist was escorted out of the venue as the crowd began booing him. 

The heckler had also been distributing these flyers to the audience, which mysteriously look like the ads that pop up on your parents’ Facebook.

While it’s perfectly all right to investigate multiple causes of a disease, it is definitely insensitive to use other people’s deaths, without ever having known them, to further your own agenda.

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The crowd was justifiably furious at this point. However, Biden, being a class act, calmed the crowd while joking that his son "Beau would love that part."

He also advised the crowd to "not act like Republicans."

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lintao Zhang 

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