Man In Gorilla Suit And 'All Lives Matter' Shirt Interrupts NFL Game

The racist display happened during the Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions game. The protester ran for roughly 45 yards before being tackled by security.



NFL games this season have been ground zero for protests. While some were empowering and vital to the current political climate — for instance, Colin Kaepernick taking the knee during national anthem — others have been downright weird and racist.

Unfortunately, a brief demonstration during the Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions game at Soldier Field, Chicago, was one of the latter.

A person dressed in a gorilla suit, orange hat, and an “All Lives Matter” tank top ran down on the field during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game. The security guards managed to tackle the protester down near the 40-yard line on the south side of the field near the Detroit after a considerable amount of running through the field.

The police later arrested the gorilla-suit wearing demonstrator, according to the Chicago-Sun Times.

Although television broadcasts rarely show such incidents, for the fear of inspiring people to pull such stunts, the racist protester made it on air anyway.



The “All Lives Matter” slogan is the rebuttal to the “Black Lives Matter,” a movement that started out to create awareness in the wake of fatal police shootings of African Americans all across the country. In the current political climate, the anti-black slogan paired with a gorilla costume is about as racist as one could get.

The incident came after weeks of protests carried out by NFL players against racial inequality and police brutality against black community.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Steve Marcus

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