‘Shame, Shame, Shame’: Hundreds Protest Electoral College Vote

As the Electoral College voted for the next president of the United States, the American people came out in protest of a Trump presidency.



Hundreds of Donald Trump protesters gathered across the country in one final effort to urge members of the Electoral College to vote for anybody but the man with no political or military experience and a penchant for racism and bigotry.

However, as the president-elect secured the 270 votes needed to formalize his victory, demonstrations erupted with more fervor.

Clips posted on social media showed a protester shouting, “This is my America, this is my America!” while another was heard yelling, “Shame, shame, shame” repeatedly. In another video, a woman approached the electors, shouting, “You’ve sold us out! Listen to your heart, listen to the facts!”

The police immediately escorted her out.





The hashtag "Dec19" is trending on Twitter as thousands protest Donald Trump's presidency while the Electoral College determines the future of America.

Trump, who lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the general election, was projected to win the Electoral College on Nov. 8, sending the reality TV personality scrambling to understand the scope of the presidency and begin making political appointments.

Trump's win actually still rests in the hands of electors chosen by the Democratic and Republican parties, the majority of whom promised to vote for Trump on Dec 19. A few have defected since watching Trump's actions as the president-elect, but more would be needed to give Clinton the 270 elector requirement and the presidency.

Major protests are happening in cities across the nation, with citizens entreating electors to protect the country from a Trump presidency.

Demonstrators are protesting on the steps of their capital buildings and state houses, many in freezing weather. Signs read, "Electors save us," "Dump Trump," and "Even white people are sick of other white peoples' racist b***sh**."

While news outlets claim that the presidency is incontrovertibly decided, and Republican electors mock the thousands of emails they've received urging them not to vote for Trump, it is comforting to know that many in America are willing to sacrifice time and resources to stand up for human rights and American freedoms. Although many are hoping for a political upset, the protests are at least a comfort to those who face the uncertainty of the next four years with fear— a reminder that we are all in this together.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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