ICE Officials Plead To Go Home To Their Families Amidst Blockade

“A group of us all decided together that it’s time to shut down ICE, and that’s what we’re doing. We can’t let this go on.”


President Donald Trump’s inhumane zero-tolerance policy has resulted in a nation-wide outcry.

The heinous act of separating children from their parents has left a vast majority of Americans appalled and it seems the citizens of Portland have taken matters into their own hands.

Determined to overturn Trump’s harsh policies, protesters have set camp outside the city’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility, blockading officials inside the building.




Protesters outside the building were sent massive supplies of food and water. Someone even built a portable toilet for the small, but steady, protest that has been going on for a few days now.


“Our message is that this is not normal,” 25-year-old Marley Delgado told an Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter, standing outside the building. “It’s not OK and this is a crime against humanity.”

“A group of us all decided together that it’s time to shut down ICE, and that’s what we’re doing,” another protester Tony Hadden added. “We can’t let this go on.”

Jenny Nickolaus, an organizer with the Direct Action Alliance (DAA), said Department of Homeland Security officers showed up to the protest, asking for the attendees to be “reasonable” and “allow nine ICE employees stuck inside to be able to ‘to go home to their families.’”

Irony is dead.


Protesters reportedly fumed at the tone-deaf statement, citing the thousands of children separated from their parents at the very moment as a result of immigration policies implemented by ICE.

“People started yelling, ‘Oh, you need to go home to your families? What about the families you are holding,’” said Jacob Bureros, another DAA organizer.

The ICE officials stuck inside the building were reportedly escorted by DHS officers later. The protesters, apparently, succeeded in shutting down the Portland ICE facility.


“People are excited to be here. There is a sense of camaraderie. This administration is ripping apart families, and ICE is carrying it out. This is our stand to stop it,” said Nickolaus.


Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Mike Blake

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