'Blood Is On Your Hands': Nikki Haley Interrupted Over Gaza Violence

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley was interrupted several times during her speech on Tuesday over her recent statements on Israeli military violence.

United Nations Ambassador for the United States Nikki Haley delivered a speech at the University of Houston on Tuesday, during which several protesters interrupted her.

Haley controversially supported the disproportionate military responses against protesters in Gaza earlier this month, defending Israeli military action after they killed dozens of Palestinians and injured thousands more. The ambassador did not seem to take seriously the number of lives lost as a result of Israel’s actions.

In the wake of the killings, Haley, on the floor of the UN, said, “No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has.”

Because of those statements, protesters in Texas this week made sure that Haley heard their disdain with such comments, interrupting her speech several times in order to do so.

“Nikki Haley, the blood is on your hands. You continue to sign off on the genocide of a native people,” one student shouted out at the start of her speech.

Other students, lifting up a Palestinian flag, chanted, “Nikki, Nikki, can’t you see? You are on a killing spree.”

In all, several dozen students took part in the protest against Haley during her speech, the Houston Chronicle reported.

At several points in the speech, Haley had to stop while police removed protesters from the audience.

Some people may view the protesters’ behavior as disruptive or even rude. But their right to express themselves is an important one to recognize in our nation. They’re also on the right side of history — Haley’s disregard for the Palestinian lives lost at the hands of Israeli military forces warranted disruption, and if she felt a bit uncomfortable on stage, that’s a small price to pay for refusing to discuss the issue candidly.

Our political leaders need to be held accountable for their actions. The protesters spoke out against Haley to address a point that she wasn’t willing to recognize, and to bring to light the atrocious actions of the Israeli military.

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