Concerned Americans Have A Plan To Help Ease Trump's Hatred Of Reading

President Donald Trump doesn’t like reading books, which doesn’t come across as much of a surprise because books are longer than 140 characters.

President Donald Trump does not like to read books. As The New York Times reported, the former reality TV star has plenty of time to watch TV because he does not like to read.

In an attempt to make Trump read and enhance his mental stimulation, a Facebook event called “Bury the White House in Books on Valentine’s Day!” was created.

The aim of this event is to motivate the anti-Trump population to send books to the business mogul, his least favorite form of entertainment, on Valentine’s Day along with a message for his administration.

Who knows he may form some sensible opinions after reading one or two books? Or he may become a little more concerned towards humanity in general.

The event, launched by Aaron Hamburger and Stacie Whitaker of “Leaders Are Readers,” went viral and garnered around 800 RSVPs. 

“Donald Trump revealed he doesn’t read books. Sad! This Valentine's Day, share our love of literature and hopes for a better world by burying the Oval Office in a mountain of great books. In the process, we’ll support local bookstores and the publishing industry,” read the about section of the Facebook page, followed by steps.

White House under books

Reading is vital for the development of sound views. it broadens a person’s scope of understanding and resistance.

Sadly, the commander-in-chief doesn’t really like to read anything that is more than 140 characters long. He takes the phrase “social media is the new norm” pretty literally.

Although, realistically speaking, Trump’s administration won’t go through all the books, neither will the billionaire baron actually spare the time to read them.

But if the campaign is successful in flooding the White House with useful books to do with the environment, humanity and equal rights, it sure will be a big win for the opponents of Trump’s America.

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