Protester Accidentally Catches Fire While Stomping Flag Outside DNC

As President Obama took the stage to support Hillary Clinton at the DNC, the situation outside the event premises turned quite chaotic.


The Democratic National Convention saw many memorable moments, some incredible speeches and the heightened emotions of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But at the same time, demonstrators were also in full action outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia where the DNC held.

Around six to 12 masked people protesting against the media’s coverage of the presidential elections on day 3 of the DNC managed to get past the security fence and tied themselves to a railing. Some of them even entered the building, even though the police had warned them of the consequences of going beyond the fence.

“We told them, ‘It’s a federal fence.’ They decided to do it and were taken into custody immediately,” Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.


Later in the day, while protesters tried to stomp out flames on a burning flag, one woman’s clothes caught fire. She immediately dropped to the ground and began rolling around to put out the flames.

The protesters held up signs that read: “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?”

Apparently, some of the people came with the intention of getting arrested, and as a result, the peaceful demonstrators staging a sit-in were also affected by their violence.

"There was a small group that went into this with the intention of getting arrested," said one 21-year-old witness. "But now they're lumped in with the rest of the peaceful protesters."

The unnamed woman is now being treated for burns. Fortunately, there was no major destruction that took place.


 The DNC ended on July 28. 

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