Pro-Trump Duo Diamond And Silk Lied To Congressional Panel

Diamond and Silk, a pro-President Donald Trump pair of sisters who make online videos in support of the president, lied about receiving payment from the Trump campaign.

Two online personalities who are decidedly supporters of President Donald Trump likely committed perjury during a Congressional hearing in Washington on Thursday.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — better known as “Diamond and Silk” — are two sisters who have produced several online videos expressing their admiration of Trump, both as a candidate during his presidential campaign and after he assumed office.

They appeared in Congress on Thursday to discuss allegations regarding Facebook censoring their content from being seen on the social media platform. Facebook for its part alleged that, once they became aware of the “enforcement error,” they made efforts to contact the duo in order to rectify the problem. Diamond and Silk said that no such contact was ever made, although documents produced by Facebook showed otherwise.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California) spoke out against the need for the hearing in the first place.

“This is a stupid and ridiculous hearing,” he said.

he First Amendment, Lieu pointed out, doesn’t restrict private businesses from regulating speech.

The credibility of Diamond and Silk was already tainted by their apparent lies over whether or not they had been contacted by Facebook. But during testimony on Thursday, their dishonesty came through in more evident ways.

Asked if they had ever been paid by the Trump campaign, Diamond responded — several times — that the two had never received any payment from Trump. But that statement was clearly a lie.

Federal Election Commission filings show that the two received $1,274.94 directly from the Trump campaign.

There is clearly a disconnect between Diamond and Silk and reality when it comes to their connection to the president. Their lies in Congress today could get them into serious legal troubles — large fines and up to five years in prison if the offense is serious enough.

Their decision to purposely mislead Congress was a dumb move to make as well. The members before them had access to the documents, and it should have been clear that they were asking that question for a reason.

Diamond and Silk clearly have a penchant for lying and misleading anyone who will listen to them, so long as it benefits their ends — much like how a certain president they admire also has a passion for telling lies and making misleading statements to the American people.

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