Pro-Trump Letter Warns: ‘Do Not Bring N****rs In Our Neighborhood'

A resident of a small town in Massachusetts received a letter from a Donald Trump supporter warning minorities to leave town now that they had elected him as president.

President-elect Donald Trump has not even taken office yet, but we are already seeing what America will look like under his rule.

In Natick, a small town in Massachusetts, minority residents have been on the receiving end of death threats and warnings telling them to leave town.

In a post on Facebook, which has since been removed, a Natick resident revealed that he had received threatening letters alluding to Trump’s victory only two days after the election.

“We have just cleared the white house off [sic] n****rs!!!!” A handwritten note said. “So do not bring n****rs in our neighborhood — you f*** latinos now you f**** n****rs. We kill them.”

The following day, there was a second typed warning.

“This is a serious warning,” the note said. “Natick has a zero tolerance for black people. We tolerated the Latinos now you are going total black. This trash belong to Dorchester. We have reclaimed our country back by selecting Trump and you are messing up everything. Our kids and our pets are scared to death.”

Pro-Trump Letter

Natick Superintendent Peter Sanchioni and other city officials condemned the hate speech in a statement over the weekend.

“We stand at the ready to ensure that no person will be mistreated, discriminated against, or excluded based on gender, race, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, learning style, abilities, or political party,” he stated.

Mass Live reported that Chief James G. Hicks said that the incident was being investigated as a “possible hate crime.”

“This kind of behavior is not indicative of the values of the Town of Natick and will not be tolerated in our community,” Hicks insisted. “The department is taking this case very seriously and we will investigate to our fullest capabilities to ensure the safety and security of our residents.”

Trump’s election as president has already sparked an increase in hate crimes around the country.

Minority communities are fearful that it will only get worse when he actually assumes office.

While Trump has vaguely asked his supporters to “stop” the hate crimes, his appointing of Steve Bannon — known for his anti-Semitic and white supremacist leanings — as his chief strategist is a troubling sign of what’s to come.

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