GOP's New Normal: Pro-Trump Adviser Exposed For Bigoted Tweets

John Loudon, a policy adviser with America First Policies, has disparaged women, Muslims, Democrats, and former President Barack Obama on social media.

The logo for America First Policies super PAC.

A policy adviser for a super PAC that supports President Donald Trump made many disparaging comments on social media against Islam, former President Barack Obama, and women. 

America First Policies is a non-profit advocacy group that is “committed to empowering, educating, and mobilizing the voices of tens of millions of Americans who support a more prosperous, safer, and stronger country that allows everyone the opportunity to achieve their own American dream.”

That ambiguous-sounding mission statement from their own website is likely purposeful, as the organization is more about empowering certain Americans (e.g. white people) than all Americans. The group was formed in 2017 by six former members of Trump’s campaign.

A former Missouri state senator named John Loudon is a policy adviser for the organization — and based on his abrasive social media posts, he seems a good match for a Trump-based super PAC. Loudon has made many disconcerting comments on Twitter, as noted by CNN.

He once criticized Obama, for instance, after the former president gave a speech on the Islamic State group in 2015 announcing the United States wasn’t at war with Islam specifically. Loudon’s response was to call Obama the “Islamchurian Candidate.”

Loudon’s comments against Muslims didn’t stop there. In addition to a myriad of other tweets he’s made against adherents to Islam, Loudon was critical in 2010 of what he called “moderate Muslims.”

“Every time i hear a 'moderate' muslim speak about muslim extremists, i sense a tacit approval” of violence by extremists, he wrote.

Loudon’s comments extend into misogyny. He joked in 2017 during the first Women’s March that “Millions of women across the land heard about a #March to a mall. And raced to D.C. credit cards in hand."

Loudon also expressed skepticism about the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, suggesting that actresses who had “slept their way to the top” were showing fake solidarity with other women who came out against harassment and abuse in the industry.

His attacks against Democrats have also been well-documented. He’s called former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “Nazi Pelosi,” and asked if someone could “take the giant gavel” from her hand and “and smack her across the head w/ it?”

He also called Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) a “whore” for voting for the Affordable Care Act, and lambasted "crack whore Dem" voters in a separate tweet. 

The amazing thing here isn’t Loudon’s history of misogyny, bigotry, and outright distasteful commentary — he himself criticized the CNN article pointing these out by saying it must be a “slow news day.”

But the story is much bigger than that. This man is part of a major political organization promoting the president’s causes. Were we living in ordinary political times, he’d lose his position almost immediately after these remarks had come to light. Living in the Trump era, however, may mean that bigots like Loudon are more apt to speak disgustingly and act abrasively out in the open, much like the president does.

Being a bigot and a disrespectful bully on social media is something we should not accept as a society. Hopefully it is a trend that doesn’t continue catching on.

 Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

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