Video Shows Football Fans Humiliate Female Panhandlers

A disgusting video show PSV Eindhoven supporters seemingly mocking the homeless in Madrid as they giggle and throw coins towards them.

Supporters of the Netherlands sports club Philips Sport Vereniging, internationally known as PSV Eindhoven, have been caught on camera in middle of an apparently disgusting act.

Before their Champions League defeat to Atlético, the Dutch fans were seen on terraces of bars nearing the Plaza Mayor area in Madrid. However, things soon got out of control and significantly horrible when a group of women asked them for money and received a belittling response.

While some people handed the underprivileged women cash, others made a mockery of them by throwing coins towards them and laughing when they helplessly ran around collecting them off the pavement.

“This sort of behavior is shameful and doesn't represent the true football fan or those of us who love the game,” said Stoke City striker Bojan Krki?, as he expressed his disgust towards the incident on Twitter.

Apparently, the Madrid police intervened during the incident to make sure that the situation did not go out of control, but no action was taken to stop the ridicule.

Needless to say, it was absolutely pathetic to make fun of the poor, and authorities in Madrid should have taken the situation into control instead of allowing it to continue.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Sergio Perez

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