Is This Trump's 10? Puerto Rico Doctors Perform Surgery By Flashlight

This is not Syria. This is not Yemen. These doctors are performing surgery in a hospital room lit only by a flashlight in a U.S. territory.

Last week, President Donald Trump proudly rated his Puerto Rico hurricane response a 10 out of 10. This photos tells a very different story.

From inside a hospital in the hurricane-battered U.S. territory, former Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro García Padilla tweeted a photo showing doctors performing a surgery in a room that's lit by a flashlight.

“This is what POTUS calls a 10!” García Padilla wrote. “Surgery performed with cellphones as flashlights in Puerto Rico today.”

It might just be one image, but it is a perfect example of the overall public health crisis Puerto Rico currently plaguing Puerto Rico.

Nearly a month after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, more than 3 million Americans still don't have access to basic even health care and roughly 79 percent of the island still doesn’t have electricity.

Following the hurricane, the U.S. Navy sent a massive floating hospital ship, the USNS Comfort, to help out; however, it was reported last week that it is not being used. Only 33 of 250 beds were full, according to CNN.

"Clinics that are overwhelmed with patients and staff say they don't even know how to begin sending cases to the ship," the news channel reported. "Doctors say there's a rumor that patients have to be admitted to a central hospital before they can be transferred to the Comfort."

Yet, while so many Americans are suffering in the wake of the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the president of the United States can't help but brag about his administration's response.

“I would give myself a 10," he said last week. “I think we've done a really great job and we've had tremendous cooperation from the governor and we are getting there and people are really seeing the effort that's been put into Puerto Rico."

Is operating on patients by a flashlight really "getting there," Mr. President?

Banner, Thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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