Muslim Writer Told To Take Off His ‘Stupid Hijab’ Tweets Epic Comeback

It all started with Qasim Rashid’s condemnation of the Manchester attack. One troll decided to cash in on it to spread Islamophobia.



Here’s a lesson for all Islamophobic Twitter trolls: Think twice before tweeting ignorant garbage to a best-selling author, practicing attorney and visiting fellow at Harvard University.

In a series of tweets, Qasim Rashid, national spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America, condemned the recent terror attack in Manchester, England and also attempted to clarify misconceptions about Islam.

It was a simple message of peace and solidarity.

However, one troll decided to cash in on the tweet to spread hate and bigotry in the most ignorant way possible.


Just to be clear, what Rashid is wearing in his Twitter profile picture is not a hijab — which is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women, not men. He is donning what is known as a “songkokan” — an Indonesian cap worn by some Muslim men.

Obviously, Rashid responded to the ignorant tweet in the most brilliant way possible: a hashtag called “#MyAwesomeHat,” which includes an incredible collection of his hats.










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