Qataris Spend $4.6 Million On Unique License Plates

Owning an expensive luxury car is sometimes not enough for wealthy citizens in countries like Qatar. A million dollar license plate is equally necessary.



Although owning special license plate numbers is a common trend around the world, it can also be obscenely expensive when it comes to wealthy Gulf countries.

Just this week, an online auction for unique license plate in Qatar raked in QR16.7 million ($4.6 million).

Anyone with a Qatar ID could participate in the three-day event.

“Two of the 25 plates sold for more than QR2 million ($550,000) each: 322223 (QR2,010,000); and the most expensive one, 311113 (QR2,304,000),” Doha News reported.

Auctions for rare number plates are held regularly in the country. In May, a Qatari man paid more than QR3.5 million (nearly $1 million) “for a three-digit license plate with the number 411.”

Arab locals in oil-rich kingdoms and emirates are notorious for their exquisite taste in all-things-expensive and unnecessary showmanship. From fancy watches to gold plated supercars, their lifestyle choices will leave you wriggling with envy and, sometimes, disgust.

For instance, in Qatar, the richest country in the world, while well-off citizens indulge in ostentatious display of wealth, expat workers live in appalling conditions.

According to figures of an April 2015 census released in June this year, more than half of Qatar’s entire population, comprising of migrant workers, lives in labor camps.

Moreover, although Qatar is home to more foreign workers than locals, the former are treated differently (read: worse) than the latter.

Just this week, reports emerged around 400 migrant employees of an electrical company in Qatar have gone unpaid for up to four months.

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