Qatar Nearly Shared Damaging Info On Jared Kushner With Mueller Probe

Qatari officials were prepared to disperse damaging information about President Donald Trump adviser Jared Kushner, but they backed out at the last minute over retaliatory fears.

President Donald Trump descends from Air Force One, with adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner behind him.

The government of Qatar reportedly has damaging information on the president’s son-in-law, but officials decided against sharing it with investigators earlier this year out of fear it could upset the administration.

Although they had collected significant evidence detailing how Jared Kushner and other officials had plotted with the United Arab Emirates against them, Qatari officials opted not to share information it had collected about President Donald Trump's son-in-law with the investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to three separate sources.

Those officials considered speaking with Mueller earlier this year during a visit to Washington D.C., NBC News reported.

According to the accounts of the sources with knowledge of the proceedings, Qatari officials had planned on disclosing details on secret meetings that occurred between the United Arab Emirates and Kushner, adviser George Nader, and Republican donor Elliott Broidy. Yet those Qatari officials opted in the end to keep the information from Mueller, out of fear of distancing themselves further from the Trump administration.

Nader himself is reportedly working with the Mueller probe, regarding an improper back-channel meeting that took place during the transition period between informal Trump adviser Erik Prince and Russian officials in Seychelles. Information about the secret meetings may still be obtained by Mueller's investigation through his cooperation.

The new details revealed by these sources lend more credence to the idea that Kushner had pushed Trump to support a blockade on the nation to exact some sort of revenge against them for a failed business dealing he had in the past. If true, Kushner’s actions would be a huge breach of trust, demonstrative of his wielding influence on his father-in-law in order to promote his own business dealings and preferences, rather than the foreign policy interests of the United States.

It seems efforts by Kushner and others to turn the president against Qatar may have succeeded. Trump tweeted out his support of a regional embargo of Qatar last summer.

The investigation by Mueller seems to be unearthing many improper dealings by several Trump officials, despite its beginnings focusing on Russian election meddling. Indeed, similar to the heads of the mythological Hydra, as Mueller seeks to discover evidence on one subject, it appears two or more new areas of interest pop up as well, which is bad news for Trump, who insisted late last year that the probe was almost finished.

With the investigation focusing some of its attention toward Kushner, and appearing to continue further into this year, Trump has to be wondering how much Mueller is digging into his own actions (as president and candidate) as well.

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