Lynching Threat In University Classroom Stirs Outrage Among Students

The students at Florida Gulf Coast University were greeted with a hateful threat accompanied with a violent image on a classroom whiteboard.

Florida university

In yet another horrifying example of racism in the land of the free, students at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyers were shocked to find a racial slur accompanied with a violent hand-drawn image on a classroom whiteboard.

Officials believe the words “Kill N******” and a drawing of a stick figure hanging from a tree were scrawled on the board in Seidler Hall earlier this month. Professor Sharon Isern was among the first ones to discover the hateful threat.

“We always thought that this would be the last campus where this would happen, but the fact that this is happening and they’re trying to sweep it under the rug is disturbing,” a student anonymously told Wink News, adding that it took two weeks for the university to inform its students about the incident.

African-American students on campus are now growing fearful.

“It said ‘Kill them,'” the student explained. “Whoever has this mentality — this person could be in my class secretly plotting.”

The culprit is still at large.

“Kind of odd for someone to not only feel that judgment towards others but to feel it so strongly where they feel the need to display it in such a graphic and upsetting way," said freshman Olivia Cafiero.

Meanwhile, University President Wilson Bradshaw called the incident “deeply disturbing.”

“While occurrences such as this are very rare at FGCU, we strongly condemn this hateful expression which is contrary to the civil and mutually respectful culture of our campus community,” Bradshaw said in a statement.

However, despite the severity of the threat, the police failed to launch a criminal investigation. In fact, there was little that the campus police could do except increasing routine patrols.

“There is no active criminal investigation as no crime occurred,” said Chief Steven Moore. “This was on a whiteboard with the proper type of pens so easily erased, therefore, no vandalism. As there is no crime, there is no hate crime.”

Now, some university students are preparing to protest the racist incident and their university’s response.

“They’re talking about killing a certain race, so it’s not something that should be taken lightly in my opinion,” Brielle Conner, a student at the university, told NBC2.

Amid one of the most racist presidential campaigns in the history of the United States, hate crimes against blacks and other minority communities have skyrocketed.

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