Poisoned Dog, Arson: Black Man Exposes Racist Crusade On His Family

His dog is dead. His garage is burned. His property is defaced with the N-word. This is life for one black man in a white Arkansas neighborhood.

A black man moved to Central Arkansas after investing all of his money on his new home. But the warm welcome he was hoping for never came.

His neighborhood was positively evil to him, apparently all because of the color of his skin.

Last month, Kevyn Fowler’s garage was reportedly burned, and racial slurs and phrases like “move n*gger” were spray-painted on what was left of the door.

“This would be the most hurtful part right here, to see your property defaced with that vile word,” said Fowler, who lamented that everything in his garage was destroyed in the blaze.

"This is hurtful," he said. "Anytime you lose just something because somebody else have an issue with you ... just pitful."

This wasn’t the first time Fowler faced such vandalism.

Earlier in August, just a month after he moved to his new house, his family’s 3-year-old English bulldog, Sasha, who was living with the family since his birth, was discovered dead in the backyard cage.

He was poisoned.

Just a week later, one of his pickup trucks was stolen.

“I wonder what it is about me that is bringing them out the front doors to my property,” Fowler said.

Police are investigating the incidents; however no suspects have been arrested.

Fowler said he chose the Little Rock suburb, where whites make up almost 58 percent of the population and blacks are about 33 percent, because he thought this was going to be his dream home.

“If I could go in time to see the future it’d be something totally different,” he said. “It’s been a nightmare.”

Fowler, who has spent nearly all his savings on the home, doesn’t intend to leave the town.

“I’m not going to be bullied or ran off over ignorance,” he said.

However, he is naturally concerned about the well-being of his family. "I have my children to think about. I have my mother to think about," said Fowler.

Such incidents of vandalism aren’t uncommon in Trump’s America. President Donald Trump just recently called countries like Haiti and African nations "shithole" during a heated argument.

Meanwhile, people on social media have expressed discontent over the unfortunate situation.








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