Clubs Fan Racially Abuses Hispanic Man On Hispanic Heritage Night

Things got ugly in the Wrigley Field bleachers on Hispanic Heritage Night when two groups of fans engaged in a racially-fueled brawl.


Some fans at Wrigley Field got to see a lot more action than they paid for after an apparent racially-fueled brawl broke out on the bleachers.

After the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Chicago Cubs 5-1 on Hispanic Heritage Night, two groups of fans sitting on the bleachers reportedly broke out in a messy scuffle and at least one person was caught yelling racial slurs.

The nasty fight was caught on camera by one of the fans, Danny Rockett, who hosts a Cubs podcast called “The Son Ranto Show.”

Though it remained unclear who started the free-for-all, two men separated from the group and started to throw punches at one another.

However, there were also attendees who tried their best to break up the skirmish to little avail.

One man was heard repeatedly yelling, “There’s no fighting in the bleachers!” while a woman was heard shouting, “Stop it!”

Just when the commotion was coming to a close, one man could be heard shouting a racial slur targeted at Hispanic fans present in the stadium.

In response, the second round of scrapping began.

As the security tried to intervene, a woman started to yell at the security guards that they will “never know what it’s like.”

In another video posted by Rockett, the man who used the slur spotted being videotaped, which made him even angrier.

“Don’t record me!” he yelled while coming towards Rockett.


“You’re on private property. You don’t have permission to videotape anyone,” the security could be heard pressuring Rockett to keep his phone inside.

However, a spokesman for the Cubs, Julian Green, later said the security guard was “incorrect” about fans filming — there’s no policy against recording video at Wrigley.

“People film every time they come to games,” he said. “We will brief our staff about that.”

Green also disregarded the claims of a woman in the video, in which she accused security of taking the “white people’s side,” saying the person responsible for the rowdy behavior was removed.

When asked on Twitter what started the fight, Rockett responded with one word: “Racism.”

The Chicago Police said they received a complaint about the incident. Though all the individuals involved were interviewed, no arrests were reportedly made.

“All parties involved in the altercation were escorted out the ballpark and interviewed by police and security.  There was no conclusion as to what started or who instigated the fight last night.  No charges were filed and no arrests were made.  We have a zero tolerance against fighting so the individuals involved will be barred from Wrigley Field for the remainder of 2018,” stated The Cubs.

Banner Image Credits: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

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