Racist Car Technicians Caught On Video Mocking Chinese Customer’s Name

The racist car technicians not only disrespected the vehicle owner’s name, they also made fun of the Chinese culture in general.


In yet another incident of racism against people of color, two car technicians were caught on video making fun of a Chinese customer’s name.

Unfortunately for them, the bigots didn’t know that there was a dash cam in the car that recorded all their conversation. The car belonged to Shuai Yue, an international student from China. He bought his car for a regular oil and tire change at the Fountain Tire store in Winniepeg, Canada.

Not only did the car technicians make fun of Yue’s name, they also made fun of the Chinese culture and kept swearing throughout the three-minute long video. “Is his name Wong?” asked one of the technicians at the beginning of the video. Then both of them started making fun of customers with Chinese names.

“There was a fu**ing guy that came here once. His name was Inyo,” said one of the technicians.

They also mishandled Yue’s car and drove it across the block at a really high speed. As evident from the footage, the car was speeding over 80 km/h down Jubilee Avenue, where the speed limit should have been 50 km/h.

The vehicle owner was upset after discovering the mindset of the car technicians, who not only disrespected his name but also made fun of the Chinese culture in general. “My first name Shuai means handsome, beautiful and also smart and a general in the army,” he said. “My last name Yue means high mountain.”

“I feel so shocked. I cannot focus on my study and work,” Yue added.

Apparently, the technicians also messed around the man’s glove box without his permission.

The car owner explained he never thought such racist acts could take place in Canada, a culturally diverse country.

Fountain Tire later apologized and fired the two mechanics after watching the video. “After viewing this video you posted, we are deeply disappointed in the behavior exhibited by the technicians’ safety testing your vehicle. Disciplinary action was immediately taken. Their remarks and actions do not represent the relationships, expectations, values and culture of Fountain Tire.  We sincerely apologize.”

“We agree with the customer that the behaviors and attitudes and comments were completely unacceptable,” said Fountain Tire Winnipeg owner Kevin Kaniuga.

Kaniuaga also plans to train its employees to thwart such racism. “It’s definitely a thing that needs to be talked about. It’s not acceptable what was said,” he explained. “We completely understand what he’s saying. We agree with him.”

“It’s good to know some companies like Fountain Tire — they respect the customer. And they don’t tolerate discrimination happening in that company,” Yue noted.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Nigel Roddis

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