Racist Pizzeria Owner Calls Black Women 'Darkies', Calls Cops On Them

“It felt like he wanted to do something to us, and possibly the reason he didn’t is because he had customers in there.”

The owner of a pizzeria in Dallas, Texas, is being accused of racism after he called two African-American women “darkies” and called the police on them.

Tamika Sanders and her aunt Shiri Gupton went to Carmine’s Pizzeria on Campbell Road in North Dallas to enjoy a pizza meal. Little did they know their experience would turn out to be so unpleasant.

Sanders wrote on Facebook that as soon as she entered the restaurant with her aunt, the owner, Carlos Pinto, began insulting them and referred to them as “darkies.”

“He was yelling, ‘Darkies coming in my store, yelling in my store.’ It was degrading and racist. I was just hoping he didn’t have a knife or gun on him. It felt like he wanted to do something to us, and possibly the reason he didn’t is because he had customers in there,” Sanders said in her post.

When the women saw Pinto’s racist behavior, Gupton began recording the man. Sanders later uploaded the video and Pinto’s picture on Facebook along with the post.

In the video, the racist man can be seen calling the police. He told the dispatcher that he had trouble in his restaurant. He then said two customers, had a who had a racial complaint against him, were refusing to leave and wanted to press charges against him because “he is too white for them.”

“This is America!” yelled Gupton.

“Get the hell out of here! What do you know about America?” replied Pinto.

Gupton later said, “We had no knives, but he knew how to lie to police dispatch, what to say to have the cops come with their weapons drawn. It felt like this man wanted us dead.”

The women told Newsweek that they left the restaurant because they didn’t want to have an encounter with the police.

Dallas Police Department confirmed Pinto called the police but when they arrived at the restaurant, the women had already left which is why there was no report.

Sanders has now registered a complaint with the police department.

“He was angry and hateful and this place is not safe for us. We need to speak out so no one will spend their money there every again,” she said.

When the women reported the incident on social media, other incidents of racism involving the restaurant came forward.

Kimberly Randall, an UberEats driver, said she faced a similar situation when Pinto’s wife reportedly called her the n-word and threw a pizza box at her.

“As I was walking out of the front door with my delivery order, I heard her say ‘Fuck you, ni****.’ I came back in and asked what she just said, and she had no problem repeating it,” she said while recalling the incident.

She added Pinto then reportedly told her to get out of the restaurant and called her a black b****. Randall said she also registered a complaint with UberEats but they took no action against the restaurant or its owner.

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