Racist Attacks Colombian Family With A Baseball Bat, Calls Them 'ISIS'

One of the victims was left with a cracked rib after trying to protect his 13-year-old son.



A disturbing video has emerged from Ontario, Canada, purportedly showing a man swinging a baseball bat at a family in what is believed to be racially-motivated attack.

The incident reportedly occurred in the parking lot of Elgin Mall in St. Thomas.

The video posted was posted to several social media platforms, apparently, by one of the people targeted in the attack. According to accompanying text, the alleged attacker got mad because the family was conversing in Spanish. He  even accused the family of being “terrorist” and “ISIS."

"We were victims of a hate crime in St Thomas Ontario," the post reads. "A guy got mad, because we were talking in Spanish . He was about to hit my son who is 13th years old, but my Hubby jumped while the aggressor swings the baseball bat."

Sergio Estepa and his common-law partner, Mari Zambrano, the couple who were targeted in the incident fled war in Colombia to Canada about 20 years ago, according to CBC.ca.

"The reason why we came to Canada is because we lost our country Colombia because of indifference," Estepa told the website. "The war was in the countryside, we live in the city, we don't care who is killed there. That is the big enemy we have: indifference."

Estepa was left with a cracked rib after trying to protect his 13-year-old son.

The alleged attacker has been identified as Mark Phillips, 36. He was charged with aggravated assault and three counts of assault with a weapon. He has been denied bail and remains in custody.

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