‘F**k You, N****r’: Racist Customer Pulls Gun On Restaurant Manager

“F*** you, n***** ... Go back to Mexico. Go back to Africa. I’ll shoot you where you stand,” yelled Beau Norton before throwing the food all over the parking lot.

Maricopa County Sheriff

A fast food customer was arrested on charges of racial slurs and threatening to kill the manager of a Mexican restaurant, according to police.

Beau Jeff Norton, 35, allegedly placed an order at Filiberto in Peoria, Arizona, near 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road, and left with his meal. However, he returned some time later and shouted at an employee that they had botched up his steak ranchero order, according to court documents.

Hearing the ruckus, the manager, who is half-black and half-Hispanic, came to the window and told him he would redo his order and bring it to him outside. But, at this time, Norton seemed to have lost his mind and pulled out a handgun, which he leveled at the manager’s head.

“F*** you, n***** ... Go back to Mexico. Go back to Africa,” Norton allegedly said.

A woman in Norton’s truck begged him to stop but he ignored her and told the manager, “I’ll shoot you where you stand,” before hurling the food all over the parking lot.

The manager said in his police report that the man then left in his truck and was probably drunk, but that was not the last he heard of him.

Norton then called the restaurant to say he had “a very high position at his job” and would be calling upon the restaurant’s higher-ups to pursue the matter.

The manager gave police the phone number from where Norton called and the license plate number of his truck, which the police used to track down the man.

Norton was arrested last Thursday and has been charged with aggravated assault. 

However, this isn’t his first time he has spent time behind bars.

In 2011, Norton was arrested for pointing his gun at a group of people at a patio table and demanding, “Who was laughing at me.”

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