'White Power' Drawing At College Campus Was Made By Black Students

Another case of racism on campus has cropped up — and this time, the culprits turned out to be black.

Black students are allegedly behind a racist drawing found at Salisbury University in Maryland, school authorities confirmed Tuesday.

The image discovered on a whiteboard in Blackwell Library displayed a stick figure with a noose around its neck accompanied by a racial slur. Beneath the cartoon was a hashtag #whitepower.

Salisbury University’s spokesman Richard Culver wrote in an email that the perpetrators were two black students but declined to name them, citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which protects students.

The university police completed their investigation and, in consultation with the Wicomico County State’s Attorney Office, decided not to press criminal charges. The case is now being handed over to university officials, who will decide if the students should face disciplinary actions.

“Regardless of who created the drawing, we find such actions demeaning to all members of the campus community and against our core values,” Dane Foust, vice president of Student Affairs, said in a statement provided by Culver.

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The unfortunate event has once again sparked the debate of race on campus.

“Diversity is a core value of SU, and reports of such acts are taken seriously,” wrote University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach in a letter to students and staff. “The university will not tolerate this kind of language or behavior.”

Whoever drew the picture clearly does not understand that the murder of black people throughout history — not to mention in the current day and age — is no joking matter. Such incidents have become quite the norm on university campuses and show how little people understand about racism and slavery and how little academic institutions are doing to educate them.

Plus, the fact that the culprits were black students makes it that much more tragic. It’s obvious the motive was to fling mud at white people but such cases only serve to hurt the cause of the African-American community.

As of fall 2014, 2,156 students at Salisbury University were non-white, according to the most recent Cultural Diversity Progress Report. About 25 percent of students enrolled in Salisbury University are from minority communities.

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