Racist Woman Yells ‘This Is America’ At An American Journalist

“Did you think that this face would not stand up against you? Against racism? And against ignorance? Well, you were wrong.”


Here's is yet another incident that proves racists are not only vile - they are also supremely ignorant.

A woman in Philadelphia allegedly yelled "this is America" at Nydia Han, who works with 6ABC news channel.

In response, Han, who is Korean-American, took this matter to social media and slammed the clueless bigot in an emotional, yet powerful, video.

The journalist explained her ordeal in the video, which has garnered more than 150,000 views just a few hours after being posted. “A driver, coming the opposite direction on Locust, flew around the corner to make a left turn — clearly did not see me — screeched to a halt and missed hitting me by about half a foot,” she said.

Both the women got into a heated exchange over who was at fault.

It was then when the driver yelled “this is America” at Han.

 “It’s those three words ? ‘this is America’ ? that I would like to respond to since this woman did not give me the courtesy to allow me to respond to her at the scene. So, yes, this is America. I am American. Born and raised.”

Han, who has been working as a broadcast journalist for more than twenty years with several news stations in different states of the country, and has covered national stories including the Columbia shuttle disaster and Hurricane Katrina, challenged the racist driver in her video.“I know America in ways that you probably don’t and never will,” said the reporter. “I have seen Americans suffer and grieve. I have seen Americans rejoice and show resilience and recover. I have seen America at its best and at its worst, so I know ‘this is America’ ? you do not have to tell me that.” 

Han added she was proud of her Asian-American identity. “Did you think that this face would not stand up against you? Against racism? And against ignorance? Well, you were wrong. I am Asian-American. I am strong, I am proud and I am speaking out against you today.”

She ended her video with this hard-hitting line:

"This is America, I am American. I am proud of it. This is 2017, and you need to get with the program."

While speaking with Huffpost, the journalist mentioned she took this stance because of her daughter and son, who are also mentioned in the video. “I kept wondering, ‘What if my kids had been with me and heard that comment?’ Over the years, I’ve developed a thick skin against ignorance and racism, but my children haven’t. And I know many other people, young and old, haven’t either.” 

Several people on social media extended support and lauded Han for speaking out against such bigotry.







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